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Every player must fill out and sign a waiver. Save time on game day by filling out the waiver online.

  • If the player is under age 18, his/hers parent of guardian must read and sign this form.  Each signator acknowledges that he/she had read, understands, and agrees to abide by this information. 

  • There are risks connected with participation in this tournament and its related activities. 

  • Signators release and discharge NOTHING BUT NET, event sponsors, event charities (collectively known as 'event organizers'), workers, employees and directors from all actions, suits and demands whatsoever in law or in equity, including, but not limited to, the risk of injury from playing in the tournament and the risk of loss of personal property by theft or otherwise.  

  • Player eligibility for NCAA collegiate sports and local school districts vary.  The event organizers are not responsible for determining each player's eligibility.  Before registering, players should contact their coach or athletic director and determine how their eligibility would be affected, if at all, by participating in this tournament. 

  • Further, signators hereby grant full permission for event organizers to record any participation in this event for photos, motion picture, TV, radio, recordings, videotapes, and any other media known or unknown, for use in publicity, promotions, advertising, trade or commercial purposes, without any reimbursement of payment of any fee. 

Nothing But Net Tournament Waiver

Thanks for submitting!

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