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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to register?
Registration is online and must be completed by TBD
What are the age groups?

$175 Registration Fee:

8-9 year olds (with 8' hoop)

10-11 year olds

12-13 year olds

14-15 year olds

$175 Registration Fee:

16-18 year olds

$175 Registration Fee

19-25 year olds


What are the team format rules?
You need to register at least 3 players and no more than 4 players on your team.  If you are still hoping to get your fourth player, you have until your first game to register that player; please do what you can to arrive early to get the paperwork done. 
Do we need proof of age?
Yes, youth brackets (ages 8-18) will need to bring proof of age. Documents such as birth certificates, passports or driver licenses (for 15-18 year olds),  a report card or school parent portal are acceptable.
What is the minimum team number?
To start a game, the minimum is 2 players, less than that is an automatic forfeit. 
Can a female be on a male team?
Yes, the team will play in the male division.
Can a male be on a female team?
Yes, the team will play in the male division.
How do we find out when our games will start?
Division Brackets with start times will be posted on the website by the Thursday before the tournament day. Team Captains will be emailed when schedules are posted. 
Do we need to bring a light and dark shirt?
Yes, you will need to bring both light and dark shirts. In case of a color conflict, the top team on the bracket will need to change shirts.
Are there prizes for winning our division?
Division winners each receive a champion medallion and a $20 gift certificate. Second place winners each receive a medallion. 
Can 10 year old boys play on a 10 foot hoop?
We changed the age brackets so 8 & 9 year olds play together and play with an 8 foot hoop. Ten year olds will play with a 10 foot hoop and will play in a 10 & 11 age bracket.
My birthday is on the day of the tournament. Which age group do I sign up for?
You register in the age group you will be on the day of the tournament.
What are the rules?
The rules are posted on the website HERE. The referee's decision is final.
Is there a Slam Dunk Contest?
No, we have discontinued the Slam Dunk Contest. Scheduling a time on the center court for the event affected the scheduling for the teams.
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