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Tournament Rules

General Info
  • Tournament format is a double elimination bracketing with each team scheduled for at least 2 games

  • All games are provided referees. Scorekeeping done by playing teams (4th player or family member)

  • Teams shall consist of no less than 3 players and no more than 4 players.

  • All players must be 8 years or older (based on age on day of event).

  • Youth Players (ages 8-18) will need to provide proof of age (birth certificate, passport driver's license, student report card, or school parent portal).  Failure to do so will forfeit player eligibility until compliance is met.

  • All players must register and sign waivers.  If players are under 18 years old, parent or guardian must sign their waiver.

  • All players receive an official NOTHING BUT NET T-shirt.

  • First place teams in each division will receive a 1st Place medallion and a $20 gift certificate for each player.  Second place teams in each division receive a 2nd Place medallion for each player.

  • This is a family participation event. We reserve the right to verify any player's age or playing experience at our discretion. Inaccurate information is immediate grounds for disqualification of the entire team.

  • Play your games fairly.  Excessive fouling and rough play will not be tolerated.  We reserve the right to eject any player from the tournament for improper play.  Security by Canby Police Department

Tournament Play
  • Games are scheduled for 25 minutes each and will start every half hour.

  • Each team needs to bring a light and dark playing shirt.

  • Teams must have at least 3 and no more than 4 registered players

  • All team members must report to the scorekeeper table before each game in order to

  • play each game.  A minimum of 2 players are required to play; less than that is an automatic forfeit.  Once the game has started, a team may play with one player if they have a chance to win.  The decision to continue the game with one player will be made by the referee.

  • There will be a short warm-up period prior to the start of each game, providing the tournament is on schedule. NO DUNKING is allowed during warm-ups.  If caught dunking, your team forfeits the next game.

  • BE ON TIME. Teams not represented on the court by the end of the warm-up period will forfeit the game.  If a team is still playing a game on another court, a team representative is required to notify the referee that they are playing on another court

  • Possession to start the game and overtime will be decided by a coin flip.

  • The 8/9 team court will have an 8-foot hoop height

  • Field goals inside the arch line will be worth 1 point.

  • Field goals initiated outside the arch line will be worth 2 points. The referee will signal a two-point shot if both of the shooter's feet are behind the arc.

  • The winner will be decided by one of two ways:  The first team to 15 and leading by two points will win the game OR the team with the highest number of points once the 25 minutes is up. There is no point differential if a game is played the full 25 minutes. 

  • Games tied after 25 minutes will be determined by "sudden-death" (first basket wins).

  • Loser's out ( Possession changes after each score).

  • After ball is checked at start of each possession, player must pass the ball to start play.

  • On a live rebound, opposing team must clear ball out behind 2pt line

  • All fouls and violations will be called by the Referee. Questions or complaints shall be addressed only by the Team Captain to the Referee. Judgment decisions of the Referee are final.

  • All fouls will be counted as team fouls. 

  • Once a team commits more than six fouls, subsequent fouls will result in a free throw to the opposing team. Ball changes possession.

  • Non-shooting fouls up to 6 per team: Fouled team keeps possession.

  • Each player is allowed 6 personal fouls each game before fouling out.

  • All free throws will be taken at the free throw mark.  Ball becomes a dead ball after each free throw.  Ball changes possession.

  • If a player is fouled on a shot (1 or 2 pointer), and if made, the basket will count and the shooter gets one free throw. If no basket is made on a 2-point shot, the shooter gets two free throws. Ball changes possession

Shooting Fouls or Act of Shooting Fouls
  • Technical Fouls will result in one free throw for offended team and the shooting team will keep possession and ball will be taken out at the take back line.  Player will be ejected from game after 2 technical fouls

  • Stalling the game:   The Referee will decide if a team is stalling.  It will be treated as a technical foul

  • Flagrant fouls will result in automatic ejection from the game, 2 free throws AND possession.  If a player is fouled on a shot (1 or 2 pointer) the basket will count   A Flagrant foul is defined as contact intended to hurt an opponent, fan, or Referee: or a non-contact foul involving vulgar or verbally abusive behavior.

  • Intentional fouls (contact to neutralize an opponent's obvious advantage) may result in ejection from the game at the Referee's discretion. The offended team gets 1 free throw and possession. If a player is fouled on a shot (1 or 2 pointer) the basket will count.

  • Game Termination:  In any game where, in the sole discretion of the referee, the game should not continue for any reason, including but not limited to flagrant and intentional fouls, fighting, or any other reason, the referee may terminate the game.  If the referee terminates the game, both teams shall forfeit the game and the bracket will continue as a forfeited game with no standing for either team. 

  • One 1-minute time-out will be allowed per team, per game. The clock will NOT stop during time outs. Timeouts will not be awarded after 12 points have been earned by either team.

Authorized Equipment & Apparel
  • No player shall be allowed to wear a guard, cast, hard brace, or other potentially dangerous equipment on his/her elbow, hand, wrist, finger or forearm, including equipment, but not limited to, hard leather, plastic, plaster, or metal, even if the equipment is covered with a soft padding. Soft braces, sleeves and wraps will be allowed unless they pose a danger to other players. Knee braces must have ALL metal parts covered. Nothing But Net retains the right to disallow any equipment or apparel that it judges to be dangerous or inappropriate.

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